Additional Original ButterSound Info

These images & descriptions offer more perspective than just "gear".
Similar aspects of space continue at the "new" ButterSound Studios,
as seen in some of "The REC Room" photos.  There will be more pics of the new Studio rooms coming soon... (They are even better)



Control Room
- A large, comfortable, "living room" setting, with an upright piano.
- Centrally positioned large triple-glass windows for clear sight lines.
- Hardwood floors & shag carpet  provide a realistic mix environment.

- Easy to use for over-dubs or as an additional isolation room.

The Main Isolation Room - a.k.a. the Guitar Wall
 - Large enough for anything that requires a tight and
    direct sound.   

Vocal Booth
 - Ideal for clear vocals and direct line-of-sight to 
    control room and other isolation room.

3rd Booth
 - Available for better use soon as we get that custom door...

2 Seperate Amp Rooms - wired & ready to go
 - More commonly viewed as Theater Bathrooms, they allow
    live "studio" tracking in the Theater providing perfect isolation!

Main Room & Stage
 - This is the main section of a Vaudeville Theater built in 1919.
 - Full ensembles can setup on or off stage.
 - A variety of acoustical options are available by recording on
    either the insulated hardwood floor, cement floor,  under the
    balcony, the acoustically draped stage, or creative use of baffles.
 - Using the room for single instrument recording yields an
    extremely wide variety of sounds and sizes.
    (Especially with drums)
 - Great for recording without headphones if desired.